The 2015 Mustang rumor mill is in full swing. It would seem that each and every week we’re finding something, whether it’s the latest leaked details on the new car, spy shots or videos. Things are beginning to boil and we hope that Ford will be taking the wraps off at least an official rendering soon to give us something to swoon over.

Until then all any of us in the world of automotive journalism can do is speculate. The latest, and likely best speculation on the appearance of the 2015 Mustang as of late has to be this rendering by David Kiss that was posted over at TopSpeed.

Why do we suspect it’s the best? To start with, even under the heavy camouflage that the driving mule has been spied wearing on several occasions, some details are evident. The grille for example, as well as the mirrors, side skirt, and the presence of the rear windows are all evident even under the camo. The car’s basic dimensions and much of it’s basic shape can be identified as well from the photos of the camo car.

Add to that, what we know about the Evos concept having heavy influences on the next design, and the fact that we’ve seen that concept already. Last take into account that Ford execs have said that the Mustang will still be recognizable as a Mustang and “looks beautiful”. Perhaps the only element we’re still not sure of yet in this rendering are those headlights. The ones in the rendering a little too heavy on the Evos/Fusion look. If we had to guess, to keep the Mustang appearance more traditional, the production head lights will likely be taller, somewhere between what’s in this rendering and what is on the current 2014 Mustang model.

For now only the design team and a few Ford execs know for sure what the car really is going to look like. Until Ford pulls the wraps off the official model, we’ll just be inclined to agree that this is likely the shape of the S550, the next Mustang.