It’s summer, and things are not only heating up outdoors, but also all the hype and hysteria over the 2015 Mustang as well. We’ve been reading countless rumors, studying spy photos, and calling contacts in and around the Detroit auto manufacturing world, and no one wants to break their silence on too many details about the next Mustang.

We know pictures appeared about a week ago of what appear to be the highly camouflaged prototype driving around. We’ll do one better this week. Thanks to our friends over at Mustang6g, we can bring you this video that one of their operatives recently captured of the 2015 prototype hitting the streets.

The video allows us to discern a few more details other than what previous stills have. For thing we can tell you this prototype car is a V-8, less than 20 seconds into the video you can hear that distinctive rumble as the car rolls by the camera. While a minor detail, another styling cue may be the location of the turn signals, which appear to be more inboard than on the current model, seen through the camo as the car turns at the beginning of the video.

You can begin to make out some shapes in the front end, although it’s hard to say how Evos-concept-looking that is due to those camo panels, but it’s safe to say the influences are there. We can tell you those orange reflectors are definitely fakes, as are the reds on the back. They’re likely there for safety reasons as the prototype hits public roads outside the proving grounds.

The tail light shapes can be viewed, though obscured as well through the camo in the rear, and look to be very similar to the current model, likely an evolution of that design. While the roofline is heavily obscured, it’s obvious that it’s classic Mustang, though it appears to be swept back a few more degrees and the body lines do look heavily Evos-influenced. The shape of the door glass is eerily similar to the Evos concept. Also notice the big brakes on the car with mutli-piston calipers, we’re wondering about those as well.

We have to wonder if this isn’t the IRS test mule we saw a few weeks ago? However, there’s no way to confirm that. Like you, we can’t wait for the big reveal, we’ll keep bringing you new photos and footage as we get them. Big thanks to the guys at Mustang6g for sending this one to us.