As muscle cars became more powerful and more popular, another sub-segment began to pop-up; car-based trucks. The most famous of these was of course Chevy’s El Camino, but Ford had its own Falcon-based truck called the Ranchero. Then Ford came out with the Mustang, and the muscle car world was turned on its head.Since the Mustang’s debut, there have been countless kits, modifications, and factory-authorized customizations.

Up on eBay is one of the rarest of them, a Mustang/Ranchero hybrid, one of just 50 ever made.According to the auction, Ford authorized Beverly Hills Ford to turn 50 Mustangs into these “Musteros.” Many of these Mustang pickups were exported to Europe, where they remain, though this particular one happens to reside in Tennessee. At the time of the conversion, it added $6,500 to the cost of the car, a hefty sum in those days.

Other than the looks though, this is a fairly common Mustang. It sports a 289 V8 with a three-speed manual transmission, GT trim, and an aftermarket sunroof. All in all its a very cool (if kooky) Mustang, one we didn’t know existed until today. The price? $32,500, not too shabby as far as rare Mustangs go. Would you take the plunge for this Mustang pickup, or would you rather have a Mustang station wagon?