The Shelby GT500 Super Snake is an incredible car. With 850 horsepower at the command of its driver, this is a modern day super car based on the iconic Mustang platform. Shelby American decided they wanted a new wheel, built in the USA, to meet the performance standards of this super Mustang. For that they turned to Weld Wheels, the result is the Weld Shelby Venice Wheel.

“Shelby American came to us and wanted a product that was entirely forged, that could meet their demands, and could support and accentuate the performance of the Super Snake as well as the Shelby GT,” says Weld’s VP of Marketing Chris Bovis. Weld delivered the first ever Shelby one-piece forged wheel. These are some of the lightest 20-inch wheels ever offered on the market according to Bovis.

Not only are the Venice wheels incredibly light weight, tipping the scales at just over 28 pounds each, they’re also incredibly strong. The forged one-piece wheels are each constructed from a single aluminum wheel billet, using the latest CNC technology. All of the material is USA sourced, and the wheels are manufactured by Weld in the USA as well.


The one piece design, increases overall stiffness of the wheel. This results in a stronger wheel, with less deflection when it’s under heavy load, such as in a hard corner. This yields a wheel that responds more consistently, looks beautiful, and can meet the demands of the most discerning performance enthusiasts. “These wheels are built to the same exacting standards as our other high performance products, and they meet Shelby’s rigid standards for quality and performance as well,” says Bovis.

Shelby American came to us and wanted a product that was entirely forged, that could meet their demands, and could support and accentuate the performance of the Super Snake as well as the Shelby GT. -Chris Bovis, Weld Wheels

The wheels are designed to fit any 2005-2015 Mustang, bridging the gap between S197 and the new S550. There are two sizes available to give cars the ultimate in staggered fitment, a 20×9.5-inch front, and a 20×10.5-inch rear. Owners should be able to fit a 275/35/ZR20 tire on the front and a 305/35/ZR20 on the rear. This gives not only a wider footprint for more performance, but also allows a more aggressive look since the wheel and tire package can better fill out the wheel wells.

The wheels are available in three finishes: polished, black, and black with a machined face. The wheels are treated with Weld’s proprietary ATC nano-ceramic barrier coating to prevent corrosion, and keep them looking shiny.

While these wheels do fit all 2005-2015 Mustangs, it’s worth mentioning that lowered S197 cars will need an adjustable panhard bar in order to avoid clearance issues.


The Cars

At the SEMA show, Weld was showing off these wheels, on their 1 of 1 850 hp Super Snake. This bright red, one of a kind example, featured several unique carbon fiber pieces, including Shelby American’s all new hood for 2013-14 Mustangs in carbon fiber. “This car was built specifically for us to launch the relationship between Shelby and Weld,” says Bovis.

There were several other carbon fiber parts adorning the car, and it’s basically the full tilt Super Snake treatment, while also serving as the platform to launch the new wheel partnership.

The car is available for sale, the asking price $200,000. Consider however, that you are getting one of the very limited copies of the baddest Mustang ever built. Also, the provenance of this car, heading into the future, could be enough to sky rocket it’s price.

If $200,000 is too much for you to shell out during tax season, then you’ll be happy to know you can also buy the wheels, and most of the parts that adorn this car, from Shelby American.

Shelby American is also making these wheels standard equipment on the all new 2015 Shelby GT. The fully decked out Mustang features a Ford Racing supercharger, and cranks out 625 hp, with an optional package to push that number past 700. With the GT500 going by the wayside, it was a logical choice for Shelby to utilize the Venice wheel on the new car. The Venice wheels for the GT are identical to those used on the Super Snake, and also available in either a polished or black finish.

Whether on the S197 based GT500 Super Snake, or adorning the S550 Shelby GT, these wheels are not only extremely functional but also stunning. They lend the proper stance, and attitude to the Mustang.

With Weld and Shelby joining forces to bring Shelby American customers a unique and exclusive product, it looks like Shelby equipped Mustangs will be performing better than ever.