In the past, hardcore racers that have wanted to utilize a gear drive on their ProCharger supercharger units have been forced to seek outside sources for such a setup, but no longer is that the case, as ProCharger has taken the entire system in-house with the unveiling off their all-new RaceDrive.

ProCharger has provided powerTV with an exclusive look at this brand new, compact RaceDrive unit that will allow racers to install one of the new ProCharger F3-spec superchargers on their engine with an all-new ProCharger engineered package. For those drag racers looking for extreme power, ProCharger is also set to unleashed a pair of new superchargers combined with the RaceDrive at the Performance Racing Industry Show on Dec 1-3 in Orlando, Fla. that are going to take centrifugally-supercharged performance to new heights in the coming race season.

“The difference between the RaceDrive and other units on the market is because of its compact size, it will be much easier to fit it in the car and package it into the engine bay,” says ProCharger’s Dave Werremeyer. “It sits higher up on the engine, along with its three accessory drives will allow you to easily drive things like fuel pumps and alternators.”

The ProCharger RaceDrive design is an exclusive integrated gear drive that’s combined with the recently redesigned family of powerful, high-end F3 superchargers. The compact RaceDrive unit centrifugally mounts the blower closer to the engine and higher up for easier installation.

Among the most noted features of the RaceDrive is the capability of changing the gear sets or supercharger speed by simply removing the front cover and replacing the 10-spline quick-change gear sets with one of the more than 40 different gear ratios that ProCharger offers.


“The changeable gear ratios are huge for our racers, and they allow you to change blower speed without disassembling the RaceDrive,” says Werremeyer. As well, a rugged rubber coupler design mates the RaceDrive to the engine, and three separate accessory drive shafts provide racers the ability to drive multiple accessories like the fuel pump, vacuum pump, and oil pump.

Rather than being manufactured and sold in specific fitments, ProCharger has emphasized diversity and adaptability with their new RaceDrive. The gear drive unit will incorporate a more universal design with “drive stands” that you attach the motor plate that allows for customization of the exact mounting location of the supercharger.

As previously mentioned, along with the public unveiling of the exciting new RaceDrive, the team at ProCharger will also proudly pull the wraps off of a pair of new F3 superchargers, which are targeted at hardcore, high-horsepower racing machines. These two superchargers will include the F3R-130 and the F3R-136: the latter of which is capable of producing more than 3,300 horsepower. These compliment the F3A-121, which was released in June of this year. The RaceDrive will be integrated with these two new superchargers out of the gate. Full specifications on both of these superchargers will be released at the PRI Show.

“Initially, the RaceDrive will be available with the two new superchargers we are debuting (the F3-130 and F3-136) only and packaged together into one integrated system.” The compact new RaceDrive, which is expected to be a hot item next week in Orlando, is slated for availability in January or February of 2012, just in time for racers to finalize their combinations for the new year.