While Project 5-Liter Eater serves primarily as a daily driver, we still want to preserve our 2015 EcoBoost Mustang’s exterior as much as possible. As we move through the peak of the winter season, the need for proper storage becomes greater in order to avoid the harsh weather elements.

Realistically, anything can happen to the car while in storage. With kids coming in and out of the garage; family in a hurry, and pets around, scratches are bound to happen in storage, and a car cover will easily prevent that from happening. As many garages are used for storage of not only vehicles; but parts, tools, and other components, there’s always a hazard of things falling during the winter months.

When it comes to indoor and outdoor storage solutions, most enthusiasts consider Covercraft the go-to guys due to the company’s vast amount of storage solutions available. We enlisted the company’s help (for indoor storage necessities in our case) to determine what the best solution is for storing our ’15 EcoBoost Mustang during the snowy winter.

While we went with the Dustop series for our '15 EcoBoost Mustang, Covercraft has multiple car cover choices for various environments.

While we went with the Dustop series for our ’15 EcoBoost Mustang, Covercraft has multiple car cover choices for various storage environments.

Indoor Storage Benefits

Indoor Storage Fabric Options

  • Form-Fit – Most luxurious car cover from Covercraft designed for non-daily driven vehicles. Available in six colors.
  • Dustop Block-It – Provides maximum protection against dust for indoor storage. Available in one color.
  • Fleeced Satin – Latest indoor storage option with limited outdoor storage for weekend car shows. Available in three colors.
  • Tan Flannel – Traditional woven fabric cover designed strictly for indoor storage only. Available in one color.
  • Polycotton – Good, durable indoor storage solution for any vehicle. Available in one color.
The two main benefits of storing a vehicle indoors are convenience and providing better protection. However, while storing a vehicle in a garage or something similar can be great, Covercraft can take protection one step further.

Dust, dirt, and grime can accumulate on many different surface areas on the vehicle, even when it’s stored in a well-sealed area like a home garage. Many enthusiasts know that these elements are the enemy of exterior paint; causing issues such as scratches, blemishes, or worse, even permanent damage, that can be costly to fix. This is where our Covercraft Dustop Indoor Car Cover (PN C17794TS) comes into the picture.

Project 5-Liter Eater currently resides in Editor Don Creason’s home garage in the state of Kentucky, where snow is more than plentiful during the winter months. Jesse Alvarado of Covercraft explains why the Dustop series car cover is the most optimum choice for our indoor storage situation. Alvarado says, “Most of the material is made of spun bond polypropylene. Non-woven fabric doesn’t prove a pathway for dust, and woven fabrics have small openings in the weave.”


Covercraft makes installing our new car cover easier than ever by marking the front portion of the cover for convenience.

Covercraft makes installing our new car cover easier than ever by marking the front portion of the cover for convenience.

Materials For Maximum Protection

Lighter weight fabrics will give less protection, and all of the non-woven fabrics give ding and dent protection that single layer woven fabrics can not provide. - Jesse Alvarado, Covercraft

While it’s obvious that the purpose of a car cover is to protect the exterior of a vehicle, it’s important to understand that not all car covers are manufactured the same way or use the same materials. Covercraft uses an array of materials in each iteration of it’s covers. This means that not every car cover it offers is manufactured the same way, or for the same use.

As part of the company’s Custom Fit Car Covers line, our particular cover, the Dustop series, incorporates a multi-layer fabric construction in order to prevent dust from penetrating through the cover and onto the vehicle’s surface. This special cover also aides to preclude dings and dents due to the material’s elastic properties. Alvarado recommends we use our cover indoors only, as the cover does not retain a UV protective coating.

“Dustop is an indoor fabric, as it has no UV packaging or protection,” he said. “We wouldn’t recommend it to be used outside. Outdoor Kimberly Clark (KC) materials all have UV inhibitors in the outer layer (Noah and the Evolution for example). Depending on the fabric, they have varying warranties. Intense sun will cause the outer layer to powder, which allows it to taking the beating instead of the vehicle’s finish getting pounded.”

The Dustop series car cover is constructed of four separate layers. The first two top layers are constructed out of blend of polypropylene and polyethylene composite, which are spunbond to create non-woven fibers. The polyethylene provides an extremely soft mating surface to the vehicle's paint, while the polypropylene provides the strength and stability to defend against dust on the outside.


Manufacturing Process

Covercraft Custom Fit Car Cover (Size G3 - Dustop)

  • Maximum protection against dust
  • Softest against fine paint finishes
  • Multi-layer construction
  • Outdoor or indoor use
  • Color: Taupe
  • Fitment: All 2015 Ford Mustang models
  • PN C17794TS
There are two main manufacturing processes Covercraft uses when producing a car cover. As part of the two non-woven processes, the two methods are referred to as Spunbonded and Meltblown processes.

Both methods of manufacturing melt pellets made of resin, with the fibers being blown against a moving surface and creating a layer of fabric in a single-step process. Non-woven materials like the ones used in the company’s Dustop cover are also used in other products which require an extremely soft surface such as diapers, microfiber cloths, automotive air filters, and more. Alvarado says that the meltblown layers protect against contaminates like dust, dirt, and pollen. He also says that using a multi-layer construction (when compared to a woven cover or a single layer cover) will provide substantially more protection against those elements.

Our Dustop cover uses a meltblown polypropylene middle layer, which is used to provide an exclusive barrier against dust. Lower layers known as ‘high-loft composite spunbond inner layers’ are used to protect the vehicle’s finish, while remaining as soft as possible against fine paint finishes. The result? An almost totally dust-proof, high-quality car cover for virtually any vehicle application available.

The Dustop cover is also available in a taupe finish and is available standard with a four-year warranty. This cover, along with Covercraft’s entire line of products, is manufactured here in the U.S.A. Enthusiasts also have the option for additional add-on features, including a reflective welting finish, a gust guard, a lock and cable kit, and a zippered tote bag.


Project 5-Liter Eater before storage using our new Dustop car cover from Covercraft.

Project 5-Liter Eater before using our new Dustop car cover from Covercraft.

The Final Product

Outdoor / Indoor Fabric Options

  • WeatherShield HD – Heavy duty construction for maximum outdoors protection. Available in one color.
  • Sunbrella – Ideal solution for preventing sun damage. Best used for outdoor storage. Available in three colors.
  • Ultra’tect – Good middle solution for outdoor storage. Highly water resistant. Available in four colors.
  • WeatherShield HP – One step below the WeatherShield HD. Smaller packaging. Available in eight colors.
  • WeatherShield HP Two-Color – Similar to the WeatherShield HP above. Two-tone color appearance. Available in sixty-four colors.
  • NOAH – Superior moisture resistance provides maximum wet-weather protection. Available in one color.
  • Evolution – Most popular all-weather car cover. Ding, dust, and highest UV damage protection. Available in two colors.
  • Reflec’tect – Lightweight car cover designed for protection from the sun through all seasons. Available in one color.
  • Block-It 380 Series – All-weather car cover which uses film barrier technology. Half the weight of the NOAH cover. Available in one color.
  • Block-It 200 Series – Mid-priced car cover which uses signature 3-layer construction. Available in one color.
Whether enthusiasts store their Mustang indoors or outside, Covercraft has a cover available for just about every storage scenario. We’ve learned what qualifies a Covercraft car cover, and the research and development that goes into engineering a near-perfect car cover solution for any type of weather.

Thanks to the durable overlapped double-needle stitched seams and multilayer construction, our Dustop car cover provides the softest and most durable material to protect our paint’s finish without damaging it. The urethane elastic into the front and rear hems, as well as the reinforced non-scratch grommets, enable our ’15 EcoBoost to be safely stored in our garage during the winter months without the worry of the winter elements.

Alvarado leaves us with a few tips for our Dustop car cover, explaining, “We always say that with the construction process used in Dustop, a car will be just as clean when you uncover it as it was when you covered it. We always recommend that the vehicle be free of dust or dirt before applying the cover. Lighter weight fabrics will give less protection, and all of the non-woven fabrics give ding and dent protection that single layer woven fabrics can not provide.”

The added paint protection from dust, dirt, and the elements of the cold is a tremendous advantage with our Dustop cover. And with the convenience of the custom fitting specifically to our vehicle, installation can be done in less than 10 minutes by a single person. Editor Creason commented saying that the cover is extremely nice and was a great fit for Project 5-Liter Eater, exclaiming that it was probably the best fitting cover he had ever owned.

Covercraft caters to hundreds of thousands of applications when it comes to its products. Check out the company’s website here to find all available custom-fit components for your application.