Here at Power Automedia, growth is a term we use on a daily basis. Every one of our departments is growing more and more everyday, and ultimately that means expansion. Our shop and video department are two areas that most needed additional space because of all the filming and new editorial projects that have been coming in.

We recently acquired a slightly smaller shop space to film and perform other editorial tasks while our main shop stays busy grinding away on our project cars, without having to drop what they’re doing to accommodate the video team. We wanted our new shop space to look almost identical to our main shop, but knew we were going to need some heavy equipment in the new space. Running back and forth to the main shop for bigger tools and equipment would have been a big hassle, not to mention a waste of time, so we teamed up with Bendpak, who generously supplied us with nearly everything we needed to get our new shop space functioning properly.

Before we got any of the equipment installed, we had to paint the inside of the new shop space to match our main shop, which only took a few days to complete. Within two weeks, a truckload of Bendpak and Ranger tools and equipment was delivered, and it was time to install everything.


This is the 20-ton shop press that Bendpak and Ranger supplied us with (PN RP-20HD)

Along with a shiny, new 10,000-pound-capacity two-post lift (PN XPR-10A-LP), Bendpak and Ranger supplied us with their 5,000-pound-capable QuickJack system (PN BL-5000), low-profile 1 1/2-ton floor jacks (PN RFJ-3000LPF), a 20-gallon portable oil drain with air evacuation (PN RD-20SE), a one-ton capacity TransJak (PN RTJ-1), a parts washer (PN RS-500), a two-ton folding shop crane (PN RSC-2TF), and much more.

The 10,000-pound-capacity two-post lift with low-profile arms is a welcome addition, as we have many projects that we have installed coilovers or lowering springs on. It’s nice to not have to drive a majority of the vehicles up onto ramps, or pieces of wood, to be able to get the lift arms under the car. As we mentioned earlier, the lift can support up to 10,000 pounds, which is great for any caliber of project we bring into the new shop space. From low sport compacts to lifted diesel and off-road vehicles, this lift can handle it all. Safety locks are standard on this lift so you can lock the car at the height that its easiest to work on.

“The low-profile arms were designed to cover the European market, as well as the domestic market,” explained Joe Vermillion of Bendpak. “European cars have always had difficulties getting on two post lifts and a lot of guys have had to use blocks of wood to make it work. With the low-profile arms, its a great new added feature for the lift.”

Lifting and installing heavy components was also another problem we had to address in the new shop, but lucky for us Bendpak and Ranger supplied us with the life-saving one-ton-capable TransJak. Don’t let the name fool you, though, because this jack can be used to lift rearends and other heavy-duty components into place without breaking a sweat–not just transmissions. The saddle on the TransJak can be adjusted to fit virtually any passenger car or light truck transmission, rearend, or other assembly. The angle of the saddle can also be adjusted via knobs located right below.

“The TransJak is affordable for the person who is restoring a car, but also affordable enough to use on a daily basis,” Vermillion explained. “People use it for tasks other than installing transmissions all the time.”


A Pro Series Parts Washer

We had a little solvent tank that we brought over from our first building, but it just didn’t cut it. We were really excited to receive the RS-500 parts washer and put it to use. Some of its cool features include a removable filter basket, multi-directional sprayers, a steel oil skimming system, gasketless door with quick-release latch, brass spray nozzles, removable rack and component basket, and much more. This parts washer is a huge help in the shop every day.

“We’ve upgraded the RS-500 parts washer with two heating elements that heat up the fluid very quickly,” explained Vermillion. “The RS-500 parts washer helps out considerably during restorations; just put the part in, set a timer, come back, and its done.”

If you’ve never heard of Bendpak’s QuickJack system, you’re going to want it after seeing how easy it is to use. We have the BL-5000 model, which is good for an admirable 5,000 pounds. The QuickJack system is completely portable, making it great for taking to the track, or working on a vehicle in your garage at home. This system helps us out quite a bit because sometimes there isn’t a lift to put a vehicle on, and we have to use a jack and jack stands. Not anymore, though, as we can just set them down on the shop floor, plug it into a wall outlet, and lift the car to work on it right there. It can even be powered off of your vehicle’s 12V-DC port if you choose that option. How cool is that?

“They’re not only for the racetrack, but for car shows and your garage at home. It’s a lift everybody has always wanted; now its affordable and can be put in anybody’s garage,” quipped Vermillion.

Another really helpful product Bendpak/Ranger supplied us with is their GoCart rolling dollie set (PN RCD-1500). These GoCart dollies are so useful, because at times, we have cars in the shop that don’t, or can’t run, depending on what we’re installing or fixing. With the dollies, we can just slide them around each tire and jack the car up to move it on the spot. We’ve been using them a lot on our ’66 Nova project that, while not yet running, frequently gets moved around the shop to accommodate other projects. The GoCart dollie system also has a neat storage rack that is great for efficiently storing in a tight spot.

“If you are restoring a car that isn’t in running condition, it is very convenient to be able to push that car around on the GoCart dollies with very little force,” Vermillion said.

Overall, we’re really excited about how the new shop space has turned out, and it feels a lot like home at the main shop. All of the equipment we need to function efficiently is in the new shop space, and we couldn’t be more ecstatic. We’d like to give a huge thanks to Bendpak and Ranger for supplying us with the equipment needed to get this new shop space functioning properly. If you’re looking for more information about the equipment we’re using, or other equipment that Bendpak produces, head over to their website for more information.