The last Saturday in July the 1st annual “South Invades the North” Grudge Fest was held at No Limit Raceway, just on the outskirts of Morocco, Indiana. Biz, in association with Jay Barnes and the Grudge Inc. family, were the host of the event, and the list of southern attendees was quite impressive.

The southern all-stars included Primetime Racing from Augusta Georgia, The 901 Bad Boyz hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, and Big Homie Racing, Ducking Da Law Racing and DJ Grant from Alabama. Florida sent that fast red Malibu of Big Lo and Crew Chief from Miami. And last but not least, the Gangsta Bu Brothers — Travis and Joe — hailing from the Magnolia state of Mississippi.

The first race of the day saw the Money-Green stock suspension Malibu of Ducking Da Law Racing, with Big Homie at the wheel, go into battle against the “Heart Attack” Malibu of Set On Kill Racing, with Big Drag at the helm. Big Homie left and made a flawless pass with the small block screaming for bloody murder all the way through the 660, while Big Drag had all kinds of problems and had to abort his run before he ever made it 100 feet out. South 1 North 0.

Next up was 7-Up — a stock suspension lime green small block Mustang with none other than Boss Bynes at the controls. Bynes was facing 3-Lug, a Chicago powerhouse. 3-Lug stipped his Canary Yellow Firebird known as Pac-man to a heads-up bout against 7-Up. His big block and wheelie bars versus the small block with no bars. He also had the world renowned Big Drag as captain of the cockpit. The only problem for 3-Lug was a premature launch. The car looked good, but the driver was red on the tree and the race was over! South 2 North 0.

Next up was 7-Up again. This time he went up against Lil Will from Detroit. Lil Will also had a Malibu with wheelie bars, only it was a small block, so it was questionable if he even had a chance against the big block-killing 7-Up Mustang. It turns out that he didn’t. He got murderlized (I know that’s not a word, but it fits what happened.) Lil Will got beat off the tree and then the lime green “smallie” from Georgia proceeded to do a fade-away. It was ugly folks — real ugly. South 3 North 0.


Hungry for a little of the steady stream of attention going to team Primetime, the 901 Bad Boyz decided they wanted to get some of the spotlight. Whit, owner of the King Kong Mustang, a big block that swallows heaps of nitrous, put up a DP to run the flagship ride of Set On Kill Racing out of Chicago. Big Drag was at the helm again. This time the hired gun would pilot the pretty Jet Black SS Mustang on Boost that goes by the moniker of Lil Junior. Lawd to the have mercy…this is going to be good!

3-Lug's Pontiac Firebird, known as "Pac Man", hailing from the Chicago area.

No doubt about it, Big Drag did his job and earned his pay; only he didn’t earn a pay day for Biz and the rest of the Set On Kill team. Although, he left the gate first, he got ran over with the Mike Hill tune-up that was in the bowels of King Kong. King Kong was the right name for the car on that night, because he gorillaed Lil Junior (I know, I know…not a word…but again, it fits). South 4 North 0.

The south was killing the north at this point. But then “Tate Da Great” stepped up. Tate locked-in with three out of the four Primetime cars (Rambo, 7-Up, & BamBam) with his pearl White Buick Regal with a big block Chevrolet leading the way. Tate said he would put a stop to all this south is best B.S.! He was prepared to run one after the other with just a minimal amount of cool down, charge-up time in between.

Boss just did a hell of a job chopping the Christmas tree down in the outgunned 7-Up small block. Bynes was well out in front when Da Great let go of his trans-brake button, and it’s a good thing he was. Tate went hard right into the wall and then hard left into the center of the track and back again to the right wall. Fortunately, it sounds worse than it was. Neither Tate nor the car were severely damaged. In fact, Tate wasn’t hurt at all. This reporter spoke to him after the incident and he informed me that he was okazy and best of all, he was in good spirits and vowed to return in the near future. Now that’s a grudge racer! South 5 North 0.

Finally, everyone in the park wanted to see the Big, Bad Gangsta ‘Bu get it on with somebody! Kevin the Plumber stepped up and stipped the back tire from the Bu. Not many, if any, gave the nitrous-aided big block stock suspension Mustang much of a chance to stay in front of the savage onslaught that the notorious Gangsta Bu is capable of unleashing. No one but the Plumber, yet, he was right and the rest were wrong.

The Plumber did the unthinkable, he took out the Big Bad ‘Bu from Mississippi. The crowd was stunned. In doing so, he gave the north their only win against the south. South 5 North 1.

At the end of this epic day some were mad, some were glad, but tomorrow is another day and another chance to get some pay. Until then…This is Prostock Joe and Now You Know What I Know!