Air is a wonderful thing. When you mix fuel with air is when things get really good. What many don’t think about is what happens to the air and fuel after it is burned in the combustion chamber. The events that take place in the narrow tubes under your car can greatly effect its performance. With a V6 Mustang, you’re stuck with a crappy single exhaust.

Not only does it not flow that well, but it looks. Well. It looks like poop. Thanks to, V6 owners now have an affordable dual exhaust option.

Our New Take Off 2007 V6 Mustang, while having tons of work under the hood done, including an X-Charger Supercharger, was missing that one key upgrade – upgraded exhaust. Although there are good single tube exhaust upgrades for the V6, there wasn’t any good really affordable true dual exhaust option.

He is also the owner of this 2007 V6 Mustang that we built up in an entire series of videos. “The V6 Mustang is a great performance vehicle, but it really needs a dual exhaust to be a true muscle car,” said Dixon. “We make it easy and affordable to add a dual exhaust to your V6.”

Dual Mufflers & Dual Valance

New Take Off owner Glen Dixon made a living buying and selling massive quantities of New OEM Take Off Components for Fords and other makes. It just so happened that he has several thousand dual GT Muffler systems, OEM from Ford, that was selling for less than $100.

Dual mufflers and tail pipes don’t do any good when you have no where to stick the pipes through the holes. The standard V6 Mustang has a single exhaust pipe and the rear valance only has a single clearance in it as well. There comes New Take Off to the rescue, as they offer both full GT Appearance kits as well as the GT Rear Bumpers. Available as cheap as $195.00, the Rear GT Valance makes your Dual Exhaust conversion a complete turn-key job.

Connecting the Dots

There is a gaping hole between the mufflers and the headers called the X-pipe. Your V6 Mustang has a single pipe and with the New Take Off package, it’s going to need an x-pipe provisioned for dual connecting pipes.

“Our exhaust uses real GT mufflers, and they flow plenty of air for a V6, even supercharged,” explained Dixon. “We offer a few different options for X-pipes and have worked directly with both Pypes Exhaust and Bassani to make us a X-pipe Dual Conversion that we offer along side our GT Rear Valence and Rear GT Muffler kit.” Bassani was used on this particular project.

Our V6 Mustang was equipped with a X-Charger, and an SCT Tuner by Bamachip’s Doug Studdard. The baseline showed 268 rear wheel horsepower on our Dynojet.

Bassani is a name that is well known in the world of performance exhaust. While originally making exhausts for motorcycles, for the last 10+ years Darryl Bassani and team have taken that knowledge they learned and are applying it to cars. Bassani developed an X-Pipe (after Cat) Dual Conversion for V6 S197 Mustangs in conjunction with Dixon.

Doing the X

{ad:RMA}Bassani provided the X-pipe which was necessary for a true dual exhaust. This x-pipe attaches to the factory headers after the catalytic converters – thus why this is referred to as an ‘aft-cat’ system. You can see in the photo below the distinctive Bassani X-pipe area with the stainless/stamped design. This x-pipe helps equalize exhaust pulses and is dyno-proven to pick up torque in the mid-range, as well as make a very distinctive sound.

While we decided to convert our V6 into a true dual exhaust using this X-Pipe, for those who would rather not have to install extra hangers and cut an opening in the rear bumper for the second exhaust, Bassani makes this kit in a Y-Pipe version. You can see below in this photo the X-pipe we used includes a dual exhaust configuration.

Below is a picture of the entire Dual X-Pipe system leading to the rear of the vehicle with our dual mufflers.

Muffler Options – Stock or Aftermarket

There are two options here depending on your budget and future plans for the car. New Take Off sells the GT Take Off Dual Muffler setup for less than $100. This gives you a set of New Take Off GT Mufflers in great shape for a very reasonable price.

{ad:RMA}Another option is the Bassani or Pypes exhaust dual exhaust. An aftermarket exhaust is a very good idea if you are planning on adding some significant modifications down the road, but the GT Mufflers can handle a near-stock or lightly modified vehicle without a problem.

The New Take Off Mustang was supercharged and received a Bassani Cat-Back system using their Street Race Mufflers. The polished stainless steel system is innocently caped off with four-inch tips. All of the seams inside the muffler are MIG welded which means a lot of time and care went into make these.

“Our true dual exhaust system is designed to reduce parasitic losses normally found in exhaust systems,” explained Bassani’s Gary Naito. “The reduction of the loss which would normally take up a percentage of horsepower by the engine, translates to added horsepower after using a dual system with our X or Y Pipe Crossover chamber.” Simply put, the dual system allows better exhaust flow maximizing performance.

Being that we live in California, emissions are something that are always on our minds. So anytime we work with exhaust, we always ask just like your mom did the first time she found you moding your car.

Is this legal?

With our system, the answer is yes. Our kit was installed after the stock catalytic converter making it legal for California.



We left the talking to the car. The sound was something else. It sounded like it had some real grunt to it which is uncommon to V6s.

Here is an entire video shot with Daryl Bassani about the V6 Dual Exhaust:

Hands down the best V6 exhaust I ever heard.

Like mentioned before the car had already made 268 rwhp. Being that Bassani does a lot of high performance and race work we were excited to see what this kit could do using the stock catalytic converter. Meaning all that was added to the car was Bassani’s X-Pipe, and mufflers. With just those parts we drove the car up on our DynoJet Dyno to get the real story with this exhaust.

We ran the car and man did it surprise everyone with its 282 rear wheel horsepower. That’s 14 more rear wheel horsepower with just an x-pipe and mufflers. Mr. Bassani himself – Daryl Bassani – just had a smile on his face almost saying I told ya so. We now had a real V8 killer with our little New Take Off car. As long as we keep it out of the bushes and on the road this is going to be one sweet ride.

Want to Purchase our Exhaust Setup?

  • Bassani Power-X Pipe Kit (407RS5): $559.25
  • Y-Pipe Version (4075-5): $695.00
  • New Take Off GT Bumper (FR3-4300-05AA): $299.00