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The completed UPR Products Catch Can (PN 5030-226-1-CSS; $369.99) install looks right at home under the hood of the latest Mustang. These days the MAK 2018 also wears a ProCharger HO supercharger system which has propelled the car to 10-second e.t.’s. (Photo Credit: MAK Performance)

Whether you are pushing your 2018 Mustang into the 10-second zone with ProCharger boost like MAK Performance or you are simply driving your brand-new pony car, you might be considering an oil separator. Also known as catch cans, these filtration canisters prevent contamination of your engine from the mist of oil in the PCV system. That’s why MAK installed one of UPR Products’ Single-Valve Plug ’N Play Catch Can Kits for the latest pony car.

With tolerances so tight that the motors are pushing oil all over the place. — Adrian Gomez, MAK Performance

“The way these newer engines are being built — whether it be Ford, Chevy or Dodge —with tolerances so tight that the motors are pushing oil all over the place,” Adrian Gomez, of MAK Performance, said. “In almost any new car if you push the throttle blade open and shine a light into the intake, you see a fine film of oil already built up. That’s on a brand new car. As that builds up over time, eventually it will go from building up in the intake and the proceed to drip onto the valves. Then it dries on the valves and with enough time will cause valve-sealing issues, low-compression issues, and other problems.

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UPR Products’ Single-Valve Plug ’N Play Catch Can Kit includes the four-stage separator, clean-side separator, Continental braided hoses with billet ends, and the necessary mounting bracket.

UPR Catch Can Features

• 8-ounce capacity

• Adjustable mounting bracket

• Four-stage design

• Plug and play hoses and connectors

• Satin or black finish

Besides clogging up intakes and contaminating valves, that oil mist can actually dilute fuel octane and contributed to detonation. In a boosted application you definitely don’t want to take any chances, so that’s why the MAK crew installed the UPR system (PN 5030-226-1-CSS; $369.99) on its 2018 Mustang from the jump.

“This is not an issue specific to the 2018 Mustang. However from our past experience anything with Direct Injection magnifies these symptoms. We have been seeing EcoBoost trucks pour oil out of their intercoolers because of this. So the 2018 Mustang GT may be a whole new animal in that sense,” Adrian explained. “But, our 2015 Coyote car poured out 6 ounces of gunk from a UPR catch can in its first 3,000 miles. That’s insane!”


The UPR single-valve catch can system is the only one with a patented four-chamber filtration system. — Steve Gelles, UPR Products

The MAK crew spent some time comparing oil separator systems on EcoBoost trucks. With that experience in hand, they decided to go with a UPR system to protect their supercharged 2018.

“…UPR adapted and plainly blew everyone out of the water when it came to filtration,” Adrian said. “As of early December 2017, there is no can on the market that compares to UPR internals. For that reason it’s an easy choice, when the stakes are the life and longevity of your engine, why would you get anything that isn’t the best?”

The features that go into making these systems function to the level that MAK sought for its project are many.

Pop off the radiator cover and you can install the fender bracket that retains UPR’s billet catch can. Mount the can and route the pre-assembled hoses and you are in business. This can is designed so that you can service it — a.k.a. dump out the captured oil — without disconnecting the lines.

“…The UPR single-valve catch can system is the only one with a patented four-chamber filtration system. This arrangement will keep the oil, fuel, and moisture from returning back into the engine and the supercharger. Our filtration system will not affect the airflow under vacuum,” Steve Gelles, of UPR Products, explained. “We channel the air as it enters from the top of the can through the filtration where it then has to go back up the side to the exit portion. Using gravity and vacuum, the contaminants will stay on the bottom of the can. Depending on the fuel we can see 2 to 5 ounces being collected on a ProCharger-boosted Coyote every 3,000 miles.


With that in mind, we wanted to share some highlights of the system’s installation on the latest Mustang GT. It is pretty straightforward, especially if you follow the included instructions.

“For the 2018 Mustang the install is as simple as can be,” Adrian said. “Start by mounting your can by the radiator support with the provided bracket, followed by a few quick click factory connections off, and a few more clicks of the pre-assembled braided hose on. From start to finish this one can be installed in less than 30 minutes.

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While the driver side of the system doesn’t contaminate much, the UPR system includes a clean-side separator than mounts right on the cam cover to offer complete protection. It clicks right on to the cover and the hose clicks right onto the induction hose between the filter and throttle body.

So it’s easy to install and can definitely provide some peace of mind by protecting your new Mustang’s engine from contamination, especially on a blown application like the MAK 2018.

“UPR’s Catch Can system consistently delivers the best all-around performance and reliability,” Steve enthused. “Eliminating any chance of oil ingestion through the PCV and possibly tripping the knock sensors or hurting your engine. With a supercharger, it will get a lot more pushing through the system so it requires a larger system with better filtration and airflow.

For more on the UPR Products Single-Valve Plug ’N Play Catch Can Kits, you can check out the company’s official site here.