A shifter upgrade is one small modification that can really transform the feel of pushing your car through its paces on the track. Just like a nicely weighted steering feel, supportive suspension and a snappy engine, positive and direct shifts add a sense of control and a satisfying feeling of changing gears.

B&M Racing supplies enthusiasts with myriad options when it comes to shifters for late-model Mustangs or musclecars. Depending on your car’s intended use and transmission configuration, you can surely find something to improve the feel of gear engagement.

In the video above, B&M walks us though the straightforward operation of the B&M Hammer shifter, which is available for both ’87-’93 Mustang (PN 81002; $202.95) and ’94-’04 Mustangs (PN 81001; $273.95). Equipped with an out-of-the-way, but accessible reverse lockout, you can bang gears with the confidence that you won’t skip any or find your way into reverse at the track.

Steve from B&M Racing starts by showing that the ratchet design for the automatic Hammer shifter prevents you from engaging reverse until you pull up on the trigger. With the shifter unlocked from park into reverse, it’s just easy clicks back all the way to first.

Running up through the gears from first, you can simply give the ratchet shifter a nudge through second and into drive — almost like a sequential gearbox. Eventually you’ll reach neutral and hit the reverse lockout stopping any more ratchet action. Dropping the shifter back one position into drive, grab the lockout trigger and walk the shifter forward into reverse.

If you’re looking to add some more control and aggressive feeling to your automatic, check out the B&M Hammer at the official site here.