One of the most important adjustments you can make to your Mustang of any type is the pinion angle. It can effect all elements of driving including not only dragstrip performance but also braking and cornering to a lesser extent.

We’ve been working with the guys at BMR Fabrication on suspension modifications for two of of our S197 Mustang project vehicles, including our Project New Take Off V6, and BMR came up with the idea of doing a video on how to set your pinion angle. Kind of a do-it-yourself guide to people that are setting their pinion angle on their newer Mustang for the very first time.

Of course, to do that you need an adjustable single upper control arm in the case of the 3-link new Mustang platform, or two upper control arms if you have the older 4-link Mustang suspension.

Here’s the video on How to Set Your Pinion Angle, and of course, we used BMR stuff.

Click here to view the video in the full Player.