Project Rehab 2.0 is our in-house 1991 Fox body Mustang project designed for street/strip use, but on a budget. The original Project Rehab was a 1988 model that we were restoring for street, track, and daily driver duties. That car suffered an interior fire that damaged it beyond what we felt was feasible to repair.

Out of the ashes Rehab 2.0 rose, purchased as a mostly stripped, rolling hatchback this car is virtually rust free, and while the body has plenty of dings and scratches, the foundation is solid enough. Given that Fox body Mustangs are quite possibly the most popular platform for street car drag racing, we chose to reevaluate our goals for Rehab 2.0 and make it more of a strip oriented car.

Our goal with Rehab 2.0 is to go well into the 10-second zone on a budget, this will include eventually throwing some nitrous oxide at it, bolt-on upgrades to the engine, and the rest of the car, and a number of DIY style stories that readers can easily replicate at home. Eventually we’ll build a stout engine to replace the stocker, but until then we intend to push the limits of what a stock short-block is capable of. We’ll be driving this car to and from the track, and even competing in some street car shootout races. Follow along as we give new life to an old Fox body, and save it from the scrap yard.

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