Project “Biting the Bullitt” is a 1,000 hp 1965 Mustang that is a mix of all-out horsepower, simplicity and reliability in a street/strip package. But where do you draw the line?

The name is two fold. It could be perceived as Biting on the original Mustang Bullitt, driven by Steve McQueen, that was actually a Highland Green 1968 Fastback – with the only resemblance to our Mustang being the faded dark green paint. The REAL premise behind the Mustang build to show the fine line that we walk between a simple build, reliability, and all-out horsepower.

It will run in the low 9-second range and make 1,000 hp to the crank, though it will have parts that will support nearly 1,500 hp through a Dart block and heads, hence the reliability segment. Now backed by a FAST XFI Sportsman EFI system, Paxton NOVI-2500 centrifugal supercharger setup with no intercooler, though it has octane on demand via a Snow Performance Methanol Injection Kit and E85.