Hey there PowerTV fans, Tom here bringing you the latest update from the ShopDogs.

Now don’t let old BJ fool you. I only have one concern in life, and it’s not Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny. Its horsepower. So let me tell you what to expect from me here. I’ll be the guy helping viewers like you learn a little something while watching Bj try to keep up with me. I will also be the guy making sure the old man takes his meds, isn’t out in the heat for too long, and making sure he gets his nap. (He gets real cranky when he doesn’t get his nap in by noon.)

Tomorrow was going to be track day for Project 666. Everyone was ready to see what that old sang could do, I was excited to see what it could do.

But then after a “nice and easy” test drive, we saw the only thing that pisses off a car guy more then a check engine light….

So it seems that we will have to wait and see what this car can do. It took awhile for me to wipe the tears from Bj’s eyes, but other than that I got no worries and we’ll have her ready to go for next time. Besides, I got my eye on the prize….