The Moser M9 is a bullet proof rear end housing that is a bolt-in replacement for the Ford Mustang platform. You’re already familiar with Project 666, our 1986 Mustang Coupe that is being built for low 10-second quarter mile times with 666 horsepower. Follow along with our full video as we show you everything you need to know about swapping your weaker 8.8 rear end for a bullet proof Moser fabricated 9-inch housing.

Once you are done watching, go over to Moser’s website which is chock full of information on their M9.

According to Moser’s website:

The new M9 Bolt-In housings are made to not only withstand the demands of high horsepower applications, but also finish off the back half of any show car with style. The Moser M9 Bolt-In housings are made from 1/8” thick laser cut mild steel, which is fabricated from one triangulated piece of metal. Combine that with a 3/8” thick face plate, and standard internal gussets and bulk heads the M9 Bolt-In is ready to take on the toughest racing conditions. Also included in with these housings are choices of installed new housing ends, brackets based on popular OEM specifications, custom machined fill and drain vent, and stud kit.

• Uses 3” x .25” thick DOM tubing.
• Built to fit most OEM and racing applications.
• Powder coating available.
• Your choice of housing ends.
• Made from 1/8” thick laser cut mild steel.
• Perfect for bracket racers to top sportsman racers as well as street applications.