Good day all. I’m Steve-O, the newest shop dog. Life’s pretty busy in the doghouse and if today is any indication, I’m certainly going to the dogs.

We started today to prep our Project 666 to begin the engine and tranny swap. The stock 5 liter in our project car is pretty well worn, and by our standards, underpowered. Since our plan is to build a car with 666 rear wheel horsepower, we ran into a little snag with our original plan.

Bobby trying to look busy.

We had intended to use the stock engine to get everything dialed in with the suspension, but now since we damaged something we are going to be using a 408ci engine from Ford Performance Solutions that we are building up for another tech story. Also, since the T5 can’t handle the power, a Tremec TKO-600 is ready to be slid under the tunnel with a SPEC Clutch.

Feels good to get wrenching on 666 . First off we started by draining the engine oil, and removing the oil filter. Then we went on to drain the stock transmission. The tranny is coming out too.

Next , we went on to removing the exhaust piping from the headers on back. We started by removing the O2 sensors. while removing the exhaust piping , we had to resort to using the Cornwell plasma cutter to remove the tail pipes from the muffler. The shop dog that installed the exhaust system used serious gorilla torque to tighten the clamps on the exhaust and it creased the outer pipe to the inner pipe. There was no way it was going to separate without using a cutting tool. No big deal there. It cut through like butter. The Plasma cutter is becoming our favorite tool. While I was doing the hard work, Bobby Kbro was trying to look busy by removing the drive shaft.

So all in all, Project 666 is moving forward . The engine and transmission will be pulled out and on the stand by the end of the week. Stay tuned for more updates !