Project 666

Project 666: Travel Limiter, Wing, and Radiator Support From Team Z

We performed a mad thrash in an attempt to squeeze the car into the 9’s at the end of the season, with a 9.94 at 134 MPH. The mad thrash taught us a few things, so we went right back to our friend Dave Zimmerman and his group of craftsmen at Team Z Motorsports for a few additional chassis updates to Project 666.Read More

Project 666 Gets Stealth’ed With Aeromotive’s New 6-Gallon Fuel Cell

With our mission to turn our Project 666 Fox body into a hardcore racing machine, our latest update involves the replacement of our OE-style Aeromotive fuel tank with the new six-gallon Stealth fuel cell armed with an internally-mounted A1000 fuel pump in the trunk of our nine-second Pony.Read More

Wild Rides S-Box Torque Box on Project 666 Fox Body Mustang

Launching on slicks or even drag radials puts an incredible amount of stress on the factory torque box, more than what it was designed for. Eventually, the cracks appear in the fatigued sheet metal and the mounting holes stretch out, which is why we turned to Wild Rides for our Project 666 Fox Body Mustang.Read More

Project 666 Gets a Crane Cams Ignition System Update

When it comes to building an engine that makes gobs of horsepower, you need a spark hot enough to correctly burn that additional fuel and air in the combustion chamber. For this tech feature, we are going to be installing a full Crane ignition system into our 666 Mustang Project car.Read More

Project 666: Dart 427ci equals 9 seconds and a NHRA license

The car started out this year with a 408ci that made about 575 hp and was able to propel us in to the mid 10-second range in the quarter mile. But now it was time to install our badass high compression 427 that has been sitting for about two years... but the installation has been far from easyRead More

Getting the 411 on Fuel With Innovate’s MTX-L Wideband Gauge

The latest product from Innovate is their MTX-L all in one gauge, which only needs power, ground and a signal from the supplied wideband sensor. We install their newest, easy to use wide band sensor on our Fox body Mustang Project 666.Read More

Project 666 Gets Lighter and Safer with Holcomb, Kirkey and Grant

Project 666 gets fitted with new Kirkey racing seats, Holcomb seat brackets, a lightweight race steering column, and more in the latest round of upgrades to our ten-second quarter mile screamer.Read More

Project 666 Receives TCI’s Rugged C4 Transmission

The race-intended TCI C4 improves upon the reliability and durability that the C4 has long been known for, which is just what we're looking for to mate with our naturally-aspirated, 427-inch Windsor motor producing nearly 700 horsepower. Join us for an in-depth look at TCI's take on the C4.Read More

666 Mustang Gets Updated and Runs Mid 10s

It might have been awhile since you have seen an update on our 666. The Mustang is going to be used as a temporary race car for the 2011 PSCA racing season. The class we plan to run is Limited Street, though the Mustang will be there just to gain points while the real car is being built.Read More

Project 666 gets a Moser M9 Bulletproof Rear

The Moser M9 is a bullet proof rear end housing that is a bolt-in replacement for the Ford Mustang platform. You're already familiar with Project 666, our 1986 Mustang Coupe that is being built for low 10-second quarter mile times with 666 horsepower. Follow along with our full video as we show you everything you need to know about swapping your weaker 8.8 rear end for a bullet proof Moser fabricated 9-inch housing.Read More

Project 666: Shakedown at LA Invasion. Plus videos!

With Project 666, our Fox-body Ford Mustang almost 2 years in the making, this year's LA Invasion was a day of trials and tribulations. Leading the charge for 666 was shop wizard Sean Goude, trusty wrench and sales guy Tom "Terror" Bobolts, myself, and my pregnant wife Melissa. We were a motley crew. Check out ourRead More

Team Z: Project 666 is Suspended

To give our Fox some hook - we went to one of the top suspension drag doctors in the country: Dave Zimmerman's Team Z Motorsports. Follow along as we not only install a complete Team Z system front and rear - but also give you some key insider setup times from Dave Z. himself. Read More

Auto Meter Ultra Lite Gauges Installed in Project “666″

Automotive gauges have a history as long as the automobile itself, with tachometers (adapted from instruments used on steam locomotives and industrial machines) first appearing on dashboards in 1903. Since that time, gauges have come a long way, and one company advancing the state of the art is Auto Meter. They haRead More

666: Installing the TKO Tremec & SPEC Clutch

Project 666 Mustang is moving along, with the hairy goal of putting down 666 horsepower and running 10s. We removed the stock T-5 tranny and clurch from our mighty four-eyed ’86 Mustang to make room for a fresh, durable TKO-600 transmission from Tremec and a fresh SPEC clutch.Read More

Kooks Custom Headers and Flowmaster Exhaust Install On Project 666

We remove the stock exhaust and open it up with aftermarket headers and a full exhaust system with Kooks headers and Flowmaster mufflers on our pet Fox Body Mustang, more commonly known as "Project 666.”Read More

Cervini’s Hood Install on Project 666

When it comes to shoehorning a new, bigger engine into the framerails of a Fox Body Mustang, the stock hood isn't very useful. The simple solution is to find an aftermarket hood that will accommodate the increase in engine size and we found a company that could meet all of our demands, and that company is Cervini’Read More

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