(Photo Credit: Ford Motor Company)

It’s no secret that the folks at the Blue Oval have always encouraged its customers to live an active lifestyle. With special-edition cars and SUVs like the Eddie Bauer Expeditions, and the Kona Ford Focus, Ford keeps its active owners in mind. So it’s no surprise that Ford filed a patent with the U.S. more than a year ago for a high-tech Mustang bike rack.

The patent reveals a built-in retractable bicycle carrier slated for the latest generation of Mustangs. Interestingly enough, according to Fox News Auto, Ford has revealed plans in the past to build an electrical bicycle concept that uses an inflatable frame. Could this concept be part of the plan?

In the details of the patent found here, it explains that the bicycle carrier system is comprised of a double rail system that can emerge from the rear bumper. Ford could potentially use a key-fob and proximity sensors to ensure nothing in its path could be damaged when deployed.

One advantage to this system is that from the looks of the drawings in the patent, the retractable carrier system seems to be extremely compact, even for a car the size of a Mustang. As of now, we can’t confirm if Ford does have plans to incorporate such a system into the Mustang, but we do know that the Blue Oval is looking to make loading and unloading bicycles much easier and much safer for enthusiasts.