History has shown that the all-mighty Shelby GT500 reigns as the king of the hill in the land of Mustangs, but that doesn’t mean its cousin — the Shelby GT350 — hasn’t seen the center stage, either. Before any of us caught wind of the return of the Shelby GT500 for the 2019 model year, the 2015-2018 GT350 was the halo Mustang of the moment.

The GT350 that we are currently producing, we will see this return for 2019. — Mark Schaller, Ford

While we assumed it would gallop off into the sunset and let the GT500 rule the roost, that might not be the case after all according to the video above. Shelby American in Las Vegas, Nevada, recently hosted an event, where Mark Schaller, Ford Motor Company’s Mustang Brand Manager, delivered a presentation about Shelby stallions.

“We’ve announced recently that we will be bringing back the Shelby GT500,” Mark said. “This is going to be a fantastic car. It takes everything that we’ve learned from the last-generation GT500 and everything that we’ve learned from the current GT350/R, and puts all of that together. This car is going to be absolutely amazing.”

Then he also confirms that the forthcoming GT500 will feature a supercharged, 700-plus-horsepower 5.2-liter engine, just as we suspected last year. Then Mark followed these details by dropping some surprise news.

“… I do have some other news that I’m not sure we’ve publicly announced yet,” he revealed. “The GT350 that we are currently producing, we will see this return for 2019.”

So, the Shelby GT350 will continue alongside the GT500 in the next model year. As Mark points out, the GT350 and the GT500 haven’t been sold alongside one another in more than 50 years time. What a great time to be a Mustang enthusiast!