If you are in the market for a late-model muscle car that is fully capable of performing well at the track, you would be hard pressed to find a stock vehicle as capable as the 2018+ Mustang GT. Even die-hard manual transmission enthusiasts are beginning to realize that the 10r80 transmission that is available for the refreshed S550 is capable of running some record-breaking passes on race day.

This week, AmericanMuscle’s Justin Dugan introduces us to his latest project vehicle — his 2019 Mustang GT. This nicely equipped, Oxford White Mustang is Justin’s newest addition to his impressive list of project vehicles that will soon be transformed into a worthy drag strip opponent. While Justin’s ROUSHCharged 2014 Mustang GT still exists in his lineup, he has decided to join the dark side with a 10-speed automatic-equipped GT in the signature Oxford White paint scheme.

…When the goal is consistently going fast at the strip, there really is no discussion-the automatic will be the superior option. — Justin Dugan, AmericanMuscle

In the video, Justin gives us the details on what options he ordered for the vehicle and why he made the jump to the 10-speed automatic transmission. He also explains why he opted out of the optional factory-equipped Performance Package which is a popular upgrade on these vehicles.


“Up until recently the idea of owning an automatic Mustang was sacrilege to me,” Justin said. “However, when the goal is consistently going fast at the strip there really is no discussion — the automatic will be the superior option.”

But the icing on the cake of this reveal had to be watching Justin strap down his new ride to the in-house dyno for some baseline figures. Props go to Justin for choosing to fill up his new Pony with regular 87-octane pump gas to get the first baseline dyno with this 10R80-equipped Mustang GT!

Fans of AmericanMuscle know that this vehicle will not be staying stock for long and we can’t wait to see what Justin will reveal as his first upgrades to his new ride. What do you think will be his first upgrade? For a complete list of upgrades for your 2019 Mustang, you can click on the official AmericanMuscle website here.

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