Anyone reading this is likely to have worked on a car. Whether for maintenance or performance, busting out the wrenches is always a good time. However, few of us ever get to build our own new car at the factory. That’s just what Marty Mulholland and Blair Joscelyn (Moog), a pair of Australian automotive vloggers, were able to pull off with with their latest project car — a 2017 Focus RS.

With the help of Ford of Australia they were able to travel to Ford’s assembly plant in Saarlouis, Germany, to assist in the assembly of their own Focus RS and spend some time with the engineers that created Ford Performance’s hottest hatch.

Marty and Moog of Might Car Mods fame were able to travel to Germany and help build their own Focus RS project car. We are jealous.

“So in this video, we head to Germany to work on our own Focus, RS which will soon be shipped back to us in Australia,” the duo explained. “We also caught up with some of the performance engineers to see what goes into making a mad turbo hatch and how they feel about us modifying it…”

Not only were Marty and Moog able to build their new project car for their popular Mighty Car Mods platform, but they were able to sample Drift mode and kill some tires. That’s an opportunity of a lifetime and we are definitely jealous.