For over four years now, the team at AmericanMuscle has been providing Mustang enthusiasts information and entertainment courtesy of its Hot Lap video series. It covers a wide range of Mustang culture, including the latest in Mustang news, products, and in-house project vehicles. In a recent episode, video co-hosts Stephanie Wood and Justin Dugan faced off at the drag strip for a special fan-driven episode.

My 2017 Mustang GT feels good on the street. I mean, I know the car is quick. — Stephanie Wood, AmericanMuscle

The best of three drag race takes place at Maple Grove Raceway in Berks County, Pennsylvania, pitted the two hosts and their personal rides against each other in a battle for ultimate bragging rights. Justin would wheel his trusty ROUSHcharged 2014 Mustang GT, while Stephanie would pilot her Hellion-turbocharged 2017 Mustang GT.


Even though both Mustangs are putting down some serious power, this was actually Steph and Justin’s first outing to the drag strip to see just how quick their boosted ponies are. (Photo Credit: AmericanMuscle)

Stephanie’s ride might be newer, but it is already sporting some serious mods, including the aforementioned turbos and an air suspension system.

“My 2017 Mustang GT feels good on the street,” Stephanie said of her new pony car. “I mean, I know the car is quick. I’m hoping that I’ll just learn something on my first pass and be able to improve from there.”

I know I’d be happy if I left here today with a car in one piece and a 10-second time slip. — Justin Dugan, AmericanMuscle

We are also no stranger to Justin’s 2014 Mustang GT , as like many of you, we have followed his build (and rebuild!) since the project was first introduced to the world.

“I feel, probably, about as good as Stephanie does,” Justin said. “I mean, we’re both very, I’d say, nervous not essentially to race our cars but just to see what’s…how it’s gonna go. I know I’d be happy if I left here today with a car in one piece and a 10-second time slip.”

There was also a special incentive to be the fastest pony down the track, as the loser ended up having to give up their Mustang for the week and drive off in a unique “thanks for trying” vehicle.

So who came out as the overall winner of this race? No spoilers here, you’ll have to check out the video above.