When walking the rows of some of the country’s top car shows and events, it’s easy to find builds that catch your attention, strike you as unique, or even pique that yearning to own a certain make or model. But it’s not everyday that you come across a custom classic so well built that the thought of changing even the slightest little thing would be ruining the overall appeal of the car. It may not be for everyone, but this 1969 “Archer FX520” Mustang shown by Bobby Schumacher is one of those cars that’s right up there for this author.

Selected as a 2017 Street Machine of the Year Finalist at the Speedway Motors Heartland Nationals, this very special 1969 Mustang was designed by chief engineer of the fifth-generation Mustang, Larry Erickson.

Designed by Larry Erickson, well-known automotive designer and the former Chief Engineer of the Fifth-generation Ford Mustang (through 2008), and built by Bobby, Karen and Bruce Schumacher, owners and operators of Vintage Fabrication of Independence, Missouri, the Archer FX520 Mustang is the very first of a limited run of all-steel 1969 Mustang concept cars being built by the trio. Known for their impeccable metal fabrication, chassis work and custom interiors, among other things, Vintage Fabrication is using classic 1969 Mustangs and building them with incredible skill into new classic models with much bigger engines, the latest performance components and of course, a bit of a new look with tons of classic aesthetics still in the mix.

Featuring build number 001, this Archer FX520 Mustang is the first in a limited run of classic-meets-modern concept cars being produced by Vintage Fabrications.

There’s no word yet on just how many of these Mustangs will be up for grabs, but the one thing we can tell you is that the Erickson-designed classic is certainly one any Mustang or muscle car enthusiast would be lucky to have in their collection.

Set atop a Roadster Shop Elite Chassis, the Archer Mustang is built for some serious performance driving right off the ground, featuring full billet front and rear independent suspension systems. Planting the car to the pavement are one-off Boze wheels designed by Erickson himself, which are wrapped in sticky Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires for the ultimate grip. Providing the car with performance-matching stopping power are Baer brakes with 14-inch rotors on all four corners.

Setup to not only catch attention sitting still, the Archer FX520 Mustang has all the components it needs to put its impressive power to the pavement!


Built by industry-great Jon Kasse Racing Engines, this fuel-injected Boss 429 has been stroked to 520ci, giving the Mustang impressive power and a fitting namesake!

Powering the beast and lending it’s configuration to the Mustang’s name is a potent Jon Kasse Racing Boss 429 engine that has been stroked out to 520ci. Fuel injected, this bad boy features top notch components from the likes of industry leading companies like Moroso, MSD Ignition, Crower, Crane, COMP Cams, Scat, AutoRad and Ford Racing. Backing the Boss is a Bowler 4L80 automatic transmission with paddle shifters for the ultimate cruiser meets performance shifting setup. Additional components like the functioning hood scoop and side scoops in the bolstered rear fenders help give the car its unique look in addition to add to its performance abilities.

A very popular car at SEMA 2017. But as you can see, seeing the car in-full was well worth the wait!

While the performance components of this Mustang go above and beyond expectation, so too do the custom body modifications that look like they were meant for the car straight from the factory. These include a late fifth-generation front fascia, which is grafted on to the classic Mustang body complete with a billet grille, modern headlights and iconic center-mount fog lights; flush-fit glass with no extra trim or brightwork; and a filled in cowl. Out back you’ll find a custom road racing-inspired rear spoiler with actuating capabilities; modern-esque taillights in a customized taillight panel featuring a custom fuel filler door; dual center-mounted exhaust just below the recessed rear license plate panel; and widened rear fenders atop enlarged wheel tubs. Even the carbon fiber side mirrors and Kindig-It door handles are perfectly incorporated into the build.

Every detail on the Archer FX520 Mustang was well thought out, from the contrasting white stitching on the black Italian leather upholstery, to the “Five Twenty” badge prominently displayed on the dashboard.

Inside, the Mustang features a fully custom interior with Recaro seats covered in black Italian leather with white stitching. Everything from the dash and center console to the lack of a rear seat and the carbon fiber roll cage are unique to the ride, while numerous creature comports like a Vintage Air system, Nu-Relics power windows, specialty wipers from Flaming River, and custom gauges from Classic Instruments add even more to the appeal of this awesome custom muscle car.

You may not see many of them, but be on the lookout for these Archer badges out in the car scene as they signify an incredible pro-touring build.

Gleaming with interesting details and top-notch performance components, the Archer FX520 Mustang is a concept that takes the idea of a clean Pro-Touring build up a few notches. The best of both modern and classic worlds, this car could just be the one that defies the saying, “you can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

According to Vintage Fabrication’s Facebook page, there are a couple more of the 1969 Archer FX520 Mustang concept car currently in the works, so if you want one of your own, you might want to put your order in now as they are said to be a very limited run vehicle. Chances are, it’ll be a favorite in your own car collection!

For more of this gorgeous Mustang, be sure to check out the Rod Authority Photo Gallery below!

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