As children, we played with a wide variety of toys that had an automotive flavor to them, though few were as entertaining as actual replicas of our favorite pony car. We mean the Mustang of course, which is one of the most popular children’s toys for up-and-coming gearheads. Of course just because you’ve grown up doesn’t mean you have to put your toys away, and more than a few of us at the office have replica Mustangs hanging around our home and office.

Even though we know better, it’s still fun to imagine what kinds of shenanigans these pony cars might get into while we’re not looking, and it’s good to know the folks at Ford Racing had the same thought. This tribute video for the Mustang’s 50th anniversary is a different kind of throwback.

The stop-motion film no doubt took a long time to make happen, but the effect is apparent and ultra-cool, bringing us back to a time when Wallace and Gromit claymation was the height of comedy. These stop-motion Mustangs make good use of the empty apartment, with almost every generation being represented as they race across countertops and the kitchen floor.

It’s an adorable throwback that includes classic and contemporary racing Mustangs of every variety, from dragsters to Trans Am cars, and everything in between. You can find a Mustang on just about any given track day, just about anywhere in the world. It’s the racing icon of an entire generation, and here’s to another 50 years of motorsports domination.