You’ve probably heard of a New York minute but have you ever heard of a Moser Minute? We’d be willing to bet that the Moser version is much more enlightening than the New York style. The Moser Minute is what Moser has taken to calling its latest tech talk videos-this one in particular discuss several options Moser offers on all of its axles.

And while there isn’t a lot you could do in a minute, 60 seconds was enough to gain a lot of insights into Moser’s axle offerings. Starting with the standard round-flange axle, which can be machined to the customer’s specifications. Moser explains that they offer these in virtually any lug pattern allowing for a huge selection of wheels and brake combos. But are any of us here for the standard stuff? We didn’t think so.

The next step up is Moser’s lightened axle flange, which is exactly what it sounds like. Moser takes as much material as possible out of the flange to lighten it up, thus allowing more horsepower to reach the wheels instead of being lost to the drivetrain. Five holes are drilled in the flange which can save up to 1.6 pounds per axle. While that may not sound like much, the benefits can be massive.

Moser Pro Extreme axle

Moser’s Pro Extreme axle

The third and final option is Moser’s Pro Extreme offering, which just so happens to be the newest as well. The flange offers up to 3.4 pounds of weight savings per axle without sacrificing anything in the way of strength. However, if you’re on a budget, the lightened axle flange may be the way to go as it offers great bang for the buck. But if you’re looking for the best axle flange available, then the Pro Extreme is for you.

All of Moser’s axles can be gun drilled as well. This simply means that the axle shafts are drilled out to save weight. How much weight is actually saved depends on each individual setup, but rest assured it’s substantial.

Stay tuned to the Moser channel for more Moser Minutes.