mans_best_friend_3We’ve seen beautiful girls and even small children riding along in performance car videos, but we have yet to see man’s best friend take to the passenger seat. That is until now! And who better to take his pooch for a ride than the talented and fun-having Formula DRIFT driver Vaughn Gittin Jr.? Check out the entertaining video from Ford above.

Gittin may still have a few more races left this season, but in his downtime, its family life as usual- you know, running errands, grabbing groceries etc, at least as typical as things can be in the Gittin household. With plenty of peppy vehicles at his disposal in his personal garage, including a Ford Fiesta ST, Gittin can certainly find a way to turn even everyday errands into a fun fest behind the wheel. And this time, Gittin’s dog Brody got to experience that first hand.

mans_best_friend_5Coming back from the grocery store, Gittin and Brody receive a call from Gittin’s wife asking where they are, as she’ll need the groceries to start dinner. While first impressions lead us to believe that Gittin will be pulling up at home soon, Brody steps in and proceeds to make the trip into the driveway an unforgettable one.

mans_best_friendBrody may just be a dog, but he certainly seems to enjoy the shenanigans Gittin and him get into. But then again, who wouldn’t with someone like the famed drift driver behind the wheel on a closed coarse? Now that’s one lucky dog!