When Vaughn Gittin Jr. became the Formula Drift Champion in 2010, it opened up a whole world of possibilities for him, including the chance to build his own take on the Ford Mustang. The resulting car was known as the Mustang RTR, and slowly but surely Gittin has made the Mustang RTR into a powerful yet balanced racing vehicle at home on the street and the track.

And you had to know that Gittin was already working on a 2013 version of the RTR. Well, it is finally here, equipped with a well-crafted adjustable suspension and a 624 horsepower supercharged engine. As they say, go big, or go home…and the RTR goes big in more than one way.

As a drift car champ, Gittin obviously places a lot of emphasis on handling, and that is where the Mustang RTR focuses most of its attention. Gittin uses Ford Racing adjustable shocks and springs along with 4-way adjustable RTR suspension bars and rear chassis brace to produce a “track ready, street-friendly” suspension package.

Offered in Spec 1 and Spec 2 flavors, both of which benefit from a new K&N air intake and Ford Racing Tune that adds 25 horsepower and 60- ft-lbs of torque. Both packages also come with RTR exterior upgrades, and the Spec 2 package can even be had with a supercharger, boosting power all the way up to 624 ponies. Packages start $6,250 for either V6 or V8 Mustangs, all the way up to $11,995 with the optional supercharger for what sounds like the ultimate track day Mustang.