Ford has launched some increasingly creative promotional contests in the last few years to drum up press coverage for their products…and boy is it ever working. One of the cooler contests Ford has run is the “Mustang Customizer” contest, where hopeful contestants build, battle, and shared their dream Mustangs with their friends on Facebook.

Ford has built and delivered three of these dream Mustangs to winners across the country, and this latest video may also be the greatest.

As we already reported, Jennifer Grumbling was announced as the winner of her dream Mustang, which was delivered on Valentines Day. But we didn’t know anything about the car except that it was a 662 horsepower Shelby GT500 model. As it turns out, Jennifer had opted for a custom pink color and some Shelby Cobra graphics to really make her Mustang stand out.

The car was delivered by none other than Formula D drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr., who had the honor of giving this mother of two her dream car. As it turns out though, Jennifer didn’t know how to drive stick, so Gittin had to give her a quick lesson so she could enjoy the car. It’s a great way to bring a close to a creative contest, and we want to congratulate all of the winners who received their dream Mustangs. Enjoy them!