If you drive your classic Mustang very much, and it’s still using mostly OEM style ignition parts, you know what a pain maintaining a points style ignition system can be. Upgrading your ignition system to an electronic style can not only save you some headache in terms of the amount of maintenance your car needs, but also add reliability, efficiency, and even power.

Pertronix has been offering their Ignitor system for a number of years and it is an excellent way to maintain a stock look to a classic Mustang’s engine compartment, while enjoying the benefits of electronic ignition. We’ve covered before how easy the Ignitor is to install with the distributor out of the car. We recently found this video from the guys over at CJ Pony Parts, where CJ’s Bill Tumas goes through not only an Ignitor upgrade, but a full Pertronix ignition upgrade.

If you’re going through the work to upgrade the distributor it’s not a bad idea as Bill points out to go ahead and upgrade the rest of the ignition system as well. In the video a new Pertronix Flame-Thrower ignition coil, and Flame-Thrower plug wires are also installed on the car, which is CJ’s project car known as Weekend Wrench.

The Flame-Thrower ignition coil offers 40,000 volts of spark energy. It carries a CARB executive order number making it legal for use in all 50 states. The Flame-Thrower coil also offers a higher percentage of available spark throughout the engine’s operating RPM range than the factory coil, giving better throttle response and more complete combustion as a result.

Left: CJ Pony Parts' Bill takes viewers through step by step how to do the upgrade. Right: Bill even outlines the tools needed, which as you can see are things most of us have in the toolbox already.

If you’ve never done something like this before Bill outlines everything step by step, and in the order that the project should be tackled. For even a novice this is a project that can be done in an afternoon and will offer classic Mustang owners a more reliable ignition system, easier starting, better throttle response, and possibly better fuel economy and improved power.

For more information on Pertronix products and what fits your Mustang be sure to check out the Pertronix web site, or contact CJ Pony Parts or an authorized dealer.