Ask any Australian native who happens to be a car enthusiast the two things they enjoy most, and more than likely it’s V8s and burnouts–but can you blame them? Here in the states, we love those things too; and the folks at Ford had a hankering for some added muscle in the Down Under when they eventually began manufacturing the 302 Cleveland in Australia in the late ’70s.

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Fast forward to today, and this wild and outlandish Mitsubishi van (which presumably was used as a delivery van in a previous life, perhaps?) now utilizes two Cleveland 302 V8s. Alongside those double V8s is a pair of automatic transmissions, as well as two differentials mounted on a common axle (on differential drives each wheel) according to ScottysGarage who filmed this beast in action (FYI, if you’re looking for more burnout content, you should check out his channel).

In the case of this Mitsubishi van, you could say it's twice as much fun to drive as any other van in Australia.

It’s great to see these engines still in-use, as often times they can be overlooked in favor of the 351W or 351C. That could be because the 302C we’re discussing was only in production for a little over a decade, and by the time the 302C had only been fresh for a year, the 351C had already began to be imported from the states. Nevertheless, it’s fantastic to see this twin V8-powered shoebox burn a u-turn and whale on the throttle like it just don’t care.