One of the meanest Mustangs produced by Ford came in the form of a ’03-04 SVT Cobra. Straight out of the gate it’s a menacing beast, but add a few modifications and it turns from beast into a monster to be reckoned with. When it comes to building a brand spankin’ new 4.6-liter mod motor, the gloves begin to come off.

The guys at Dean’s Performance added 58mm Precision twin turbos to this SVT Cobra and had some amazing results. During the video you can see them slowly build up the motor before testing this bad boy on the DynoJet. Other supporting modifications outside of the twin turbos are custom turbo cams, 6-speed T56 transmission mated with a DFX clutch and a tune by Kurgan Motorsports. That lethal combination allows this Cobra to put down a mean 1038rwhp with 110 octane.

With that much power and not enough weight in the rear, the tires were spinning a little too much for full results. The first run they made 748hp with 14psi of boost. Knowing that the tires were spinning due to lack of weight in the rear, one guy jumps on the trunk to see if the tires will stick. The second run comes out with a nice little gain - 878hp with 690 lb/ft of torque at 23 PSI.

With the tires spinning just a little still, more weight needs to be added to the rear to help stick those tires to the ground. That’s when two guys jumped on the trunk to add that extra wait to the rear end. Holding down the rear, this beast of a Cobra put down 1038rwhp and 816 lb/ft. of torque at 28psi. Now, that’s impressive!