saleen1The Saleen S7 was a limited production, hand-built supercar designed by Steve Saleen that debuted in 2000 as one of the most incredible cars ever. Its carbon-fiber body used all sorts of aerodynamic tricks to create its own weight in downforce at 160 MPH - but that’s not the important feature of the car.

What is? The powerplant, of course! Initially released in 2000 with a 351 Windsor-based all-aluminum 427 cubic inch naturally-aspirated pushrod engine making 550 horsepower - plenty to push the car to warp speeds.

But for those of you who have followed Saleen’s arc over the years as he’s modified many American cars, that just wasn’t enough. The S7 subsequently received a pair of turbochargers in the 2005 model year to push engine power to a whopping 750 horsepower and a top speed of 248 MPH.

And for this owner? Even that isn’t enough, as you’ll see from the dyno video. Although we can’t seem to find much more information on the car, it’s obvious that the owner has performed his own round of modifications to the all-wheel-drive machine.

We’d suspect the engine platform remains the 427-cube V8, but the final dyno figure of 2,281 horsepower and 1,737 pound-feet of torque leads us to believe that bigger turbochargers and a number of other improvements have been made.

saleen2Yes, you read that correctly - nearly 2,300 horsepower of all-wheel-drive sickness. Look, it takes at least eight, maybe ten or twelve straps to hold this thing down on the dyno, and we can’t imagine what kind of insanity hits once it rolls out onto the street.

If the original version, with only 750 horsepower could top 248 MPH, what could this thing do when unleashed with enough real estate to get to top speed? 300? 350? We have no idea, and we’re not even sure if we’d be willing to get into the passenger seat to find out. This thing is just another level of insane - but we’re happy to listen and watch it blow things around the dyno cell!

Video Credit: totalrace