People will pay a premium for perceived style. That is why Coach and Prada can sell handbags made from $25 worth of material for $400, or Air Jordans will fetch three times their asking price on eBay around the holiday. The same is true for performance cars; with the right look and style, an otherwise ‘plain jane’ Mustang can command a premium price on the open market.

Forgiato Wheels is the company behind this matte black Mustang, which boasts big wheels, a supercharged 5.0 engine, and a sinister look that commands a high price.

This slickly-produced video is light on the details but heavy on the cutaways, giving us a look at this Mustang from every angle. While we normally don’t love huge wheels, combined with the all-black look of this particular Mustang, it’s hard to argue for anything but big wheels. Yet the wheels avoid being ostentatious because they too have been painted flat black.

On the inside there looks to be a serious sound system, and custom seats for the Forgiato logo have been included. The body kit is subdued, but adds a bit of extra muscle, and under the hood is a centrifugal supercharger system for the 5.0L V8 engine.

Sometimes, less is more, and in the case of this Forgiato Mustang, less is definitely more…unless you’re talking price. You’ll have to shell out a cool $65,000 for this matte black badass. But can you put a price on style like this?