Last year Ford initiated a contest that gave contestants and social media aficionados a chance to win the Ford Mustang of their dreams. After building your “dream Mustang”, contestants were asked to share and battle their cars against one another for a chance to win a real live version of their dream rides. So far Ford has given away two customized Mustangs in surprise visits, but this next giveaway is by far the most creative.

The winner of this sweet white Mustang is Michael C., an officer in the great state of Kentucky, and the way Ford surprises him with his new Mustang is just downright clever.

Thanks to the help of an “inside man”, Ford gets the new Mustang reported as stolen. Michael and the insider are supposedly on their way to test some new patrol vehicles, when they cross paths with the “stolen” Mustang. Naturally the officer pulls the stolen vehicle over right away, and is surprised when the driver tries to hand him the keys.

He doesn’t seem to know how to react, and seems even less able to believe that he really won his dream Mustang. Considering that many cops aren’t given nearly enough credit for the jobs they do, we can think of few people more worthy of winning this sweet new ride. Best of all, it is the ride he designed himself…and we gotta admit, Officer Michael has some pretty good taste.

Good work Ford, and congrats Michael! Now just don’t get any speeding tickets…