Maybe we’re getting the wrong impression here, but the Hoonigan crowd seems like a bunch of wild and crazy guys. It could be the fact that most of them are balls-to-the-walls racers of all things motorized. From their devil-may-come attitude to their over-the-top YouTube videos, the Hoonigan culture has caught on with auto enthusiasts around the world, and most of us would love a chance to party with these guys.

After seeing this video from the Hoonigan’s 2012 SEMA After-Party, we’re 100% positive we’d love a chance to party down with these guys. All the Hoonigans were there, including Chris Forsberg, Vaughn Gittin Jr., and Tanner Foust, who looked like they finally had a chance to cut loss and get crazy with their high-powered race cars.

And what’s a good party without some beer? Yup, in addition to drifting and burnouts, the brews were flowing freely at this Hoonigan fest. The rules seemed a little more lax and the action a bit more hectic than at the officially sanctioned Formula Drift and RallyCross events…and frankly, it looks like a whole lot more fun.

The video, set to the Circle Jerks “Wild in the Streets”, really captures the essence of the action; raw, uncut, and awesome. Yup, this is one video that has it all; babes, burnouts, and bad ass cars. This is Hoonigism at its most pure, and it is a beautiful thing.