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As blue oval enthusiasts, we’re all aware of the iconic history and the heritage behind the Ford GT nameplate. A car which won four consecutive 24 Hours of Le Mans races between 1966 and 1969.

Those victories granted Ford the title of the becoming the first American manufacturer to win the race. And as of today, the Ford GT is the only car that is designed and manufactured entirely in the U.S.A. to win that overall title.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 1.40.46 PMGRThe heritage behind the original GT motivates the team of engineers at Ford Performance to overcome any obstacles or challenges with the all-new predecessor. From an aesthetics perception, every little detail of the exterior on the all-new GT is engineered for a purpose. The aerodynamics on the latest GT are contoured to allow passing air to cool critical components, like the dual heat exchangers which are mounted into the quarter-panel of the vehicle. The choice of materials used, like carbon fiber, allows Ford to mold exterior of the GT as if it were a sculpture. The engineering incorporated into Ford’s latest EcoBoost powered vehicle creates a slate which can mechanically function at its highest potential, yet also possess the competence to remain an aesthetically pleasing supercar.

Designing the exterior of the all-new Ford GT is a repetition. Fluid dynamics such as aerodynamics perform an important role as the vehicle continues to accelerate - where additional downforce is necessary to administer stability.

The engineering assimilated into the GT only shows as a testament of the capabilities of Ford Performance and their adeptness to achieve success in the world of racing.

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