teamz1Dave Zimmerman and the gang over at Team Z Motorsports have been on the cutting edge of racing innovation for a number of years now, and due to popular demand from the street-going crowd, recently designed a Fox-body Mustang sheetmetal strutless rear wing for both coupe and hatchback models. The focus at their Taylor, Michigan shop, has been on creating parts that simply work right and fit right the first time around, and after perusing this video, we think they’ve hit yet another home run. In order to produce a quality racing part, form has to follow function - and in the case of a car that sees double-duty on the track and at the local cruise-in, having the ability to open your trunk is a big deal.

Previous Fox-body sheetmetal wing designs always had adjustable struts supporting the wing’s surface attached to the bumper on the bottom side, but as you might imagine, they prevent the user from opening the hatch or decklid easily. By devising a system to support the wing’s surface without needing the support from the bumper, the Team Z Motorsports crew has made it so that the hatch or decklid can now be opened with nothing more than the turn of a key.

Throughout this video you get a glimpse of Team Z’s main man performing the installation himself, and from our view, it looks like anyone with a set of basic hand tools can have a slice of goodness adorning the rear end of their Fox body. Dave covers all of the details down to drill-bit sizes and measurements in this 16-minute-long video, providing a number of installation tips from the pros that are sure to help you out during your own Saturday afternoon mod-fest. Enjoy!