Is there any factor race car more fearsome than the Mustang Cobra Jet? We think not! With race-ready V8 engines (in both naturally aspirated and supercharged flavors) capable of sending these modern Mustangs down the drag strip in single-digit times, the new Mustang Cobra Jet is the unparalleled conqueror of all things automotive…and it is only getting better.

This summer, the world famous Tasca Mod Shop took their 2013 Mustang Cobra Jet to New England Dragway for a little runnin’ and gunnin’…and along the way they managed to set a new personal best.

Or at least the video claims this is a new MPH world record for the Mustang Cobra Jet. With so many records regularly falling to this Mustang bad boys though, it can be difficult to keep track…so don’t hold us to it. That said, the Rhode Island-based Tasca Mod Shop is a regular at drag strips up and down the East Coast, and this particular run comes from the end of August.

Launching hard down the race track, the Tasca Cobra Jet hooks early and blazes to an incredible 7.864 @ 176.12 mph. While this Cobra Jet has gone quicker, a 7.848 to be specific, the 176.12 mph is a new record for the team. Watching this factory badass blaze down the drag strip is a real treat, but we can’t help but wonder…how fast is that new twin-turbo Cobra Jet? Could it beat the Tasca crew? We hope we get a chance to find out.