Providing endless entertainment to racers and fans, LeMons racing is to auto racing what Red Bull’s Flugtag is to aviation. About 25-percent serious effort, and 75-percent fun and experimentation, you never know what you’re going to see at these truly grassroots automotive events.

One of the biggest draws of internet attention in recent years has been the Speedycop team. Speedycop drew big attention last year with their upside down Camaro, which spawned all manner of internet jokes, and memes. Not even Speedycop front man Jeff Bloch could have anticipated the response that car drew.

So how do you top an upside down Camaro racing around the track? How about a twin-engine, sixteen-cylinder Lincoln Continental. Recently released on their YouTube channel, the Speedycop crew have begun construction on what is said to be a true $500 racer. This first video shows cutting the donor car in-half in order to scavenge it’s engine, transmission, transaxle, and wiring harnesses.

That half will be combined (somehow) with another Continental to create a twin engined monster that will have one engine in the rear, and one in the front. So sixteen total cylinders, with each engine producing around 240 hp, for a combined power rating of somewhere in the 480 range.

No word yet on how Speedycop intends to set up the controls, or if the rear engine will be engaged separately from the front as a sort of booster for straight-away racing or passing. Personally we’d think it was comical to weld the two front clips together so that no one was ever sure of which way the car was headed around the track.

Regardless of the outcome, it should be interesting to watch the Speedycop team construct this car, and then see how it does on the track in LeMons racing.