Growing up, there was many an American household inundated with LEGO landmines across the living room floor. But who would dare stifle a young child’s creative ambitions as unstable LEGO towers slowly rose from the carpet and odd-wheeled LEGO vehicles roamed the kitchen counters. Though simple in design and function, these early LEGO vehicles helped prime us for the real deal later in life.

But some people never moved on from LEGOs, and there are even complicated adult kits for your building pleasure. For the real die-hards though, LEGO greatness lies in designing something entirely new and different, like this remote-controlled 1:8 scale Shelby GT500 built entirely from LEGOs. It may look like a toy, but there is a lot more going on here than you might imagine.

For one thing, Spanish civil engineering student Fernando (AKA “Sheepo”) included plenty of functioning bits and pieces including a working hood, trunk, doors, and a remote-control system that allows for a blistering top speed of 2 mph. Alright, so it isn’t that fast, but what this LEGO Shelby lacks in speed it makes up for in detail, including an accurate recreation of a MacPherson suspension system and a fake V8 engine under the hood.

Pictures: Sheepo

Incredibly, the front suspension even has ackerman geometry, a working steering wheel, working disc brakes, and a functional brake pedal. You can even adjust the camber on Sheepo’s creation, an incredible level of detail you won’t find even in the most-expensive model cars.

And it was all done with LEGOs. Want to try your hand at a LEGO Shelby of your own? Well Sheepo will be releasing detailed plans of how he built his creation, so stay tuned to his website.