Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.13.33 AMGRWho ever thought that one day, you’d be able to choose three different exhaust notes for your Mustang in one exhaust? That’s the wonderful thing about technology these days, it seems like we’re moving toward with a “having your cake and eating it too” way of looking at things. If you’ve been searching for a solution like the one described above, then look no further. Roush Performance has created what they call an “active exhaust” for the 2015 GT and Ecoboost model Mustang.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.56.47 AMGRNow you may be asking yourself what exactly is the active exhaust? Well, that’s a great question, and we’ll answer that for you. The whole idea behind the active exhaust is to provide the enthusiast with a variety of sound level options without having to change the exhaust hardware. The active exhaust features four different modes, which are: Touring, Sport, Track, and Custom. The active exhaust modes can be changed on the fly using the included console-mounted selector switch (as shown in the video above at 0:10 in).

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.54.31 AMGRFor the custom mode on the active exhaust, Roush has created the Active Exhaust App for the Apple iPhone and iPad. This allows the user to plug-in the provided Wi-Fi enabled module into the cars ODBII port and custom fine-tune the exhaust sound, which can then be saved on the Apple device. Enthusiasts have the option of purchasing the Active Exhaust Upgrade Kit for their current Roush quad-tip exhaust, and only the Quad Tip Active Exhaust Kit for the ’15 Mustang can utilize Roush’s Active Exhaust App.


Roush also notes that only these models with the following trim levels will be able to utilize the kit: 200A/201A/300A/400A. For those of you considering the Active Exhaust Upgrade Kit, you’ll have the pleasure of knowing the kit is completely plug-and-play installation. This requires no cutting, welding, or permanent modification whatsoever - and the kit also includes all the necessary wiring, modules, hardware, and instructions to complete the job.

Other modes on the active exhaust include:

  • Track mode - This is Roush’s loudest exhaust setting. This mode allows the active exhausts valves to stay fully open while the engine is running. Roush advises us to only use this mode on a track, as it’s not legal to operate on the street.
  • Sport mode - A balance between Track and Touring, this setting allows for the exhausts valves to stay open during idle, and closed during normal/non-aggressive driving. However, the exhaust valve does open fully once again when going WOT. Roush says that this setting is preloaded to be louder than stock, and is legal for street operation, as the sound level is determined by the user’s throttle position and vehicle speed.
  • Touring mode - This mode is the tamest of tame. It allows for the active exhausts valves to be closed completely, keeping the exhaust sound levels to an absolute minimum. Roush explains “this mode is deal for when you want to fly under the radar without waking the neighbors.”

Be sure to visit Roush’s website for more information regarding the Active Exhaust Kit.