As Mustang enthusiasts, we celebrate the Mustang’s 50 year history in many different ways; but the message is clear the world over. Located in the country of Poland, a Mustang enthusiast group by the name of Mustang Klub Polska celebrates the Mustang’s 50 years of history in honor of it’s upcoming 51st birthday with an amazing collaborative video.

We'll admit it, we're a sucker for Grabber Blue Mustangs.

We’ll admit it, we’re a sucker for Grabber Blue Mustangs.

According to the club’s Facebook page, the Mustang Klub Polska is a national Mustang enthusiast club based out of Poland. Established in July of 2008, the club has an online forum dedicated to it’s declared 860-plus members, with over 160 of those members being owners of various generations of the Mustang.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 3.45.24 PMGRThe club represents more than five generations of Mustangs and their owners, dating as far back as the first generation (1964-1973) and as current as the 5th generation S197. In fact, more than half (about 89 members) of the Mustangs in the club are ’05 and new S197 Mustangs, with the second most popular being New Edge Mustangs (’99-’04) and first generation cars. The club also states that more than sixty-percent of the members own a V8 Mustang, with engines ranging from as low as 4.6-liters to as high as 7.0-liters.

The video above shows a panoramic view every generation of Mustang - from the first generation to the latest sixth-gen S550 platform.

One thing’s for sure, no matter what country you live in; Mustang enthusiasts can appreciate every generation of the ‘Stang - from classic to modern.

Check out the group’s website here for more images and information - though we recommend translating it to English first before giving it a look.