It seems like only yesterday that we witnessed the S550 generation 2016 Cobra Jet debut at SEMA 2015. Snap back to reality, and that was almost three months ago. Deliveries of the all-new Coyote power-derived Cobra Jet have commenced, and it only gets better from there.

Check out the '16 Cobra Jet in full detail here during our SEMA 2015 coverage.

Check out the ’16 Cobra Jet in full detail here during our SEMA 2015 coverage.

According to Mustang6G, drag racing veteran Pete Ricart has recently taken delivery of a 2016 Cobra Jet, which is serial number 16 out of the 50 limited production cars.

2015-11-03_19-44-06In the video captured by Pavement Mafia, Ricart explains to the host that his experience being a top-ten racer in the NMCA, along with his experience racing Fox body Mustangs, lead him and his team to choosing the all-new S550 generation Cobra Jet. Unlike many car collectors who prefer to let their limited production cars enjoy a 24/7 vacation confined in the concrete box of a home or private garage, Ricart and the crew have plans to pursue their endeavors with the Cobra Jet by giving the car a proper position. The team’s strategy is to race the Cobra Jet in the NHRA Division 3 and the NMCA Cobra Jet Showdown events.

With Ricart having over a decade of NMRA and NMCA Open Comp experience, how do you think he and his team will fare in the Division 3 and Cobra Jet Showdown?

It’s clear that the Cobra Jet (dubbed ‘Sweet 16’ by Ricart) with its 8-second E.T. capabilities makes for one vicious contender for any style of drag racing.