asheATF Speed-sponsored Outlaw 275 drag radial racer Sean Ashe had quite the weekend at Donald Long’s Duck X Productions‘ No Mercy IIII event this past weekend at South Georgia Motorsports Park.

On Wednesday during a pre-race test session, Ashe got out of shape and stuffed the car into the wall on the left side, badly damaging the quarter panel, a wheel, the door, the front clip, and a header that broke off at the flange.

Ashe and his crew are no strangers to hard work; and crew chief Jason Gatlin along with crewmembers Danny Fernandez and Hans Pierre, Jr. immediately set to repairing the car. More help was provided by Jon Walter and Troy Moore, TRZ Motorsports, Mickey Thompson Tire, and Mac Fab Beadlocks to get the car race-ready.

asheJoe Miller of Holeshot Wheels even went and opened up his shop to build Ashe a new wheel while Fernandez was hard at work on building a new header and Gatlin and crew removed the driver’s side head to check for any potential damage.

Plenty of other work had to be performed to make the car race-worthy again, but Ashe and the ATF Speed gang made it happen. So well, in fact, that the car was just about race-ready by midnight Thursday, and Ashe went on to perform well throughout the event, qualifying fourth with a 4.55 and going all the way to the semifinals in Outlaw 275 where he lost to eventual runner-up David Pearson.

But the fun wasn’t over for the weekend - he lined up against Erin Cheffer in the Team SVO car in a $15,000 grudge race after the final round of the event and sent the SVO machine back up north with a loss. In the process, he turned in his most impressive performance of the weekend with an unreal 4.46 at over 165 MPH!

Sean Ashe’s race weekend started - and ended - with a bang. He recovered from the first one and handed out the second one, a testament to hard work and a never-say-die attitude.