The big news in the Mustang world last week was that Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul will be starring in the Need for Speed movie, due out in 2014. His ride will be a 662 horsepower, 2014 Shelby GT500 with a host of modifications that make it look even faster than it already is. The Shelby will be joined on screen by numerous other Ford vehicles, including an F-450 nicknamed “The Beast.”

Ford has rolled out more pictures and details of this custom GT500, as well as announcing a contest where the lucky winner has a chance to actually appear in the movie. Will the movie live up to the hype? Even if it doesn’t it would be wild to say you got to be in the movie.

We’re certainly hoping so. This is the second movie to announce the Shelby GT500’s starring role in as many weeks, with Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez going on a wild ride in a Shelby in The Getaway movie. Ford also launched a contest allowing one lucky winner to get a role in the new Need for Speed movie, due out in early 2014. Could be a great way to launch your movie career.

With a custom widebody kit, 22-inch wheels, and a host of faux-performance modifications, the Shelby GT500 hero car is all show, though it still packs plenty of go. The supercharged 5.8 liter engine offers 662 horsepower, so even if the hood scoops are fake, this custom Mustang can still beat up most of our daily drivers, and probably many of the cars also starring in the movie as well. We gotta say, we can’t wait to see this one next year.