Drifting isn’t easy; it’s a sport learned by going out there and learning from your mistakes. Even the most seasoned drifters can experience crap luck while out on the track, especially at a big event such as the Formula Drift where anticipation is running high. It’s not just a battle of the car, but a battle of the driver. May the best driver win.

We’re not sure why, but long time racer Jim Guthrie, was hauling some serious arse when he slammed the brakes and lost control of the the Mustang he was driving. He flew through the tire barrier and up toward the wall flipping and coming to rest on its roof to everyone’s shock. Luckily, Guthrie was okay after such a scare and it may be possible to salvage what’s left of the ‘Stang. However, there’s only one round left of the Formula Drift season October 12th and 13th at Irwindale Speedway.

Guthrie is alright and our boy Vaughn Gittin Jr. is leading the entire Formula Drift season in his black and green Monster Energy/Falken Tire ’13 Mustang placing on the podium in third place. Things are going pretty well overall in this Formula Drift season for the pack of ‘Stang drivers, besides Guthrie’s little mishap. Other Falken Mustang driver, Justin Pawlak, is fourth overall, but we all know anything can happen during this last race.

Hopefully Jim Guthrie’s car can be completely salvaged and live on to see another race. We’re glad the driver made it out mostly unscathed.