Being in the military leaves our soldiers a good deal of downtime, especially when they are stationed overseas. There are some pretty plum overseas deployments outside of the hellhole known as Afghanistan, places like Europe, where America maintains a large presence. One of America’s largest military installations happens to be over in Germany, where our servicemen and women have access to many high powered German cars.

But sometimes you just need a slice of home. This video Jalopnik stumbled over is entertainingly titled “Ken Block’s West Virginian Cousin,” comes from two soldiers stationed in Germany, and features some awesome Hoonigism with a New Edge Mustang as its star.

Ken Block, as we all know, has become world famous thanks to his Gymkhana series of videos. A couple of servicemen with a video camera and time on their hands decided to demonstrate some of their own hoonigism by replicating one of Block’s most famous stunts; driving around a moving object, in this case one very confident man.

The Mustang, a 2001 GT with long tube headers, a BBK intake, Koni adjustable springs/shocks, and a ‘99 Cobra IRS is one of the cheapest ways to make power and have fun. Judging from some of the other videos from protlewski’s video feed, this isn’t the first time they’ve tried something like this. That independent rear suspension makes all the difference.

Who needs a 600 horsepower Fiesta when you have a New Edge Mustang and IRS? Not these self-described “military dudes”.