Held for just one short day each August, the Woodward Dream Cruise harkens back to the glory days of the muscle car era. While the official cruise is typically held only one day, that entire weekend is dominated with car related events. During the actual Dream Cruise however, the place to be if your a Ford fan is Mustang Alley.

What started off with just a fifty cars a few years ago, has grown to 862 for 2013. Mustang Alley essentially shuts down the small town of Ferndale, Michigan with a dominating presence of Mustangs representing pretty much every year or at least generation of the pony car’s 50 year history.

There’s no lack of  unique cars, resotmods, beautifully restored cars, and originals. Late model Mustangs of all sorts from stock to heavily modified typically make it to the alley as well.

When the day is over the alley is opened up, and a flood of Mustangs hit Woodward Avenue for the annual cruise. No other single model of car is so well represented at Woodward as the Mustang, and seeing the cars flood the street is a reminder why the Mustang name has endured for nearly 50 years.

Ford recently took a look at the fun that is the Mustang Alley as part of their Mustang Countdown video series. Check out the video, and tell us if Woodward is on your list of places you’d like to cruise.