The guys at Moroso Performance manufacture thousands of performance parts; from fabricated valve covers and dry sump oil pumps and tanks to the subject of this video, crank triggers.

In this short video, Moroso’s Scott Hall covers a number of items related to the trigger system, including installation tips to help you set up a crank trigger and ensure the engine starts the first time, every time.

A crank trigger is elegant in its simplicity; there are magnets embedded in the trigger wheel that attaches to the harmonic damper, and as those fly past the non-magnetic transducer mounted to the engine block or motor plate, the ignition system is alerted that it’s time to fire the spark plug. The use of a flying magnet system like this ensures that the ignition can’t be false-triggered, preventing engine damage.

morosoPhasing the wheel and the transducer are the biggest challenge when properly installing the crank trigger system, and Hall shows how the wheel can be adjusted around the damper to achieve the proper settings and simplify engine starting.

Another critical item to be cognizant of during the installation process is the clearance between the trigger wheel and the transducer tip; too much clearance and the transducer won’t read the magnet, too little clearance and you run the risk of the wheel touching the transducer if there’s any sort of tolerance stack. Check out the video-it’s well worth the watch.

For more information on the complete line of Moroso Performance parts, check out their website.